Beeldjutters tour 2017

20 May

Nacht van de Creativiteit

Video-mapping on the facade of KADE40 in Vlaardingen. With theatrical images and soundscapes.

9 – 11 June

Mandala Festival

Dreamlike video projections in the Beeldjutters festival area, with nice sounds and a Flowerbar with edible flowers and leaves. Performances by Soul Safari, Lieke Dijkstra, Joost van Dijk and Monodisc.

6 – 9 July

Onderstroom Festival

Immerse yourself in Landscapeslumen. Video projections and soundscapes at theatre festival Onderstroom in Vlissingen.

7 – 8 July


Video projections on the trees of the main square of Hilvarenbeek.

14 – 16 July

Wildeburg Festival

Enjoy in a chill-out area with hallucinating light projections on the natural landscape.

22 July

Kamping Kontiki + Café le Tour

Beeldjutters will take you on a trip into the night at Kamping Kontiki. Including dinner with wood oven pizza. We’ll dance at Café le Tour till the sun rises.

11 August


Video projections during the opening performance of Grachtenfestival Amsterdam. The theme of the evening is De Stijl 100 years.

12 August

De Lievelinge

Beeldjutters take their video projections to campsite De Lievelinge.

16 – 19 August


Visuals on a 120 m2 screen of stacked containers.

25 – 26 August


Video projections on the trees during the intimate Woolstock festival. Somewhere in a meadow near Tilburg.

2 September

Bucketlist Festival

In the evening, the Metaal Kathedraal in Utrecht is highlighted with video mapping on the church.

16 September

Draaimolen Festival

Visual poetry on de trees of Charlotte Oord Tilburg.

19 – 21 September

Nazomer Nachtlicht

Step into the world of Beeldjutters during the theatrical night walks in Landgoed Elshout. Let yourself be surprised by the enlightened wonders of the forest.

23 September

Dutch Film Festival

Interactive installation during BYOB / Installation48 exhibition, seen in the courtyard of the HKU Academy Theater. In cooperation with Oneseconds.

29 September

Van Gogh Museum

Immerse yourself in a sea of wheatfields during Vincent on Friday. Video projections based on landscape paintings by Vincent van Gogh.

7 Oktober

HRFST Festival

Beeldjutters present a warm living room with projections in autumn colours at Fort Vechten during HRFST festival.

20 Oktober


Interactive installation at Bring Your Own Beamer Gent, Belgium.

3 November

Schnittke’s Stichi Pokajanije

Visuals for psalms by Cappella choir at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam. A spiritual immersion in Russian orthodox tradition.

9 – 12 November

Le Guess Who?

Video projections at TivoliVredenburg during Le Guess Who? festival in Utrecht.

9 December

Scheveningen Light Walk

Walk between the Landscapeslumen video projections in the dunes and woods of Scheveningen.

12 December


Video projections during the first edition of Highlights, the light art festival in Delft.

15 – 17 December


Be enchanted by projectionmappings in the center of Vlissingen during this winter street and light theater festival.

More dates to be announced.