Immerse yourself in Dwaallumen. Unlike any theatre performance you’ve seen before you will gaze upon a sequence full of beautiful, bizarre and riddle-like imaginary.

Dancers move with their silhouettes, joined to the waving branches of nature. A little further on is a musician who is being held by the clutching waves of the sea. And under a tree is a lost man who after wandering has wound up stranded at the bottom of the ocean. Let go of the delusion of the day and let yourself be led by this wonderful dream.

Dwaallumen consists out of a collection of continuous scenes, that the guests will wander between. Video-projections that pair with dance, soundscapes and theatre. Dwaallumen has played amongst other in the Metaal Kathedraal in Utrecht, the Gashouder in Maastricht and at the Welcome to the Village festival in Leeuwarden. Dwaallumen is to be played as a full rendition but can also be booked for separate scenes.


Julian van Buul
Vincent Vriens


Bob Driessen
Ton Dekkers
Suzan Kisters
Rudest Photography


Rosa Allessie
Joost van Dijk
Leon van Egmond
Luka Kooijmans
Hans Maas
Elysia Mc Mullen
Marlon Penn
Hanne Schillemans
Vaggelis Biskas Veggos
Celine Werkhoven

Gemeente Utrecht
Metaal Kathedraal

Abel & Maureen
Wouter & Tijmen & Justin
Simone Narraina
All the volunteers