Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht

Scheepvaartmuseum is flooded during Museum Night.

What happens when the world is flooded and nobody seems to care about it? In this underwater city, the residents just carry on as if nothing happened. Someone walks down the street, a girl on a bicycle drives by, and a man stoically drinks a beer in the underwater pub while the fish swim around him. To finally flush away in a giant whirlpool.

The water authorities of Amstel, Gooi and Vecht ensure that people are protected against flooding and that there is enough clean water for everyone. However, not everybody knows this. That is why creative agency The Gardeners asked Beeldjutters to flood the Maritime Museum with video projections. We created an underwater world in which we see what would happen if everything goes wrong. The images not only provide a glimpse into the polluted canals, but also visualize a fictional, almost surreal vision of the future of a city below sea level. The project was widely reported in the media, including the front page of Metro newspaper and videos on AD and at5.




Joost van Dijk


Thomas Bouvy


Julian van Buul
Vincent Vriens
Thomas Bouvy
Jolein Kop


The Gardeners