Unicorn Experience

Poetic experience at impact event.

With Impact Startup Fest, the Municipality of The Hague organized the largest impact event in Europe, with a mission to work together on new innovations for a better world. In order to get the visitors out of their mindset of networking and selling, Beeldjutters was asked to create a poetic experience in which visitors could pause for a moment to think about the why. Does social involvement come from an intrinsic motivation, or is sustainable innovation primarily an interesting economic motive?

In order to bring a compact moment of change to the visitors, Beeldjutters created an experience to fully immerse the guests in a new utopian world. We filled the space with trees, created an intimate atmosphere with low-hanging smoke and projected a magical forest at sunrise. We played beautiful celestial cello music, put the performers in futuristic costumes and asked them to kindly welcome the audience into a world of tranquility, magic and beauty. Contact with the audience was made by the performers, who put their hand on the shoulders of the guests while a voice asked them: When did you decided to be who you are?




Joost van Dijk


Club K


Impact Startup Fest
Gemeente Den Haag


Mariken Gaanderse
Michel Groenestijn