Visual poetry

De world through the eyes of Vincent and Julian

We always want to make the world a bit nicer, crazier, more special, more positive or more beautiful. That’s why we would like to take you on our journey through dreamscapes of video-projections. Dark places become light, dreams become reality, sand degenerates to water and the past becomes visible in the present. The history and the stories of a place or event, but also the architecture of the urban or country landscape are implemented into our designs and frequently decide the atmosphere, rhythm and tempo of the images we project. The installations and performances therefore have a unique bond with the place in which they are presented.


Other than video-projections to completely immerse you in our dreamworlds we also use other methods to tell our stories. Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise if a dancer, chef or musician pops up in our performance. We take attention to detail and that’s why our installations and performances are best experienced by a campfire, between old windows and shimmering lights, in a venue full birch trees or at a wooden bar where Juttersbitter is served in antique glasses.


We hold enormous value to the environment and work as sustainable as possible, for example by limiting our electricity use in our installations. Our equipment blends in perfectly with the landscape due to using natural materials in the protective covering of our equipment.


Beeldjutters was formed at Terschelling through a collaboration between Julian van Buul and Vincent Vriens. We have been working with composer and audiojutter Joost van Dijk since the very first project. We have a fantastic group of people around us that we frequently work with, from animations to performers and production staff.


Our work has been showcased at festivals such as Oerol, Amsterdam Light Festival, Scarborough Lights, Into the Great Wide Open, Dutch Design Week, Nederlands Film Festival, Pukkelpop, Lowlands, Awakenings, Wildeburg and Grasnapolsky. It has also been shown at locations such as Nationaal Monument Kamp Vught, Paleis Soestdijk, Mauritshuis, Van Gogh museum, Scheepvaartmuseum and filmmuseum EYE. Perhaps you have seen us before at Dutch television program Panorama Pijbes.


Would you like to reach us personally? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to tell you more about our work.