Muiderslot Under Water

When Amsterdam Castle has been flooded by water.

Exactly 350 years ago, the area around the castle was deliberately flooded to stop enemy troops. Nowadays, the flooding land is a disastrous scenario that is getting closer with the rising sea level. A reason to create a Muiderslot under water in video projection. In this flooded environment, the citizens continue to live as if nothing had happened.

The first version of the animation was projected on the Scheepvaartmuseum. The animation has been specially adapted and expanded with a lighting design for Muiderslot Castle. It is the perfect location to show the animation: the castle has been closely associated with the water in the area for centuries. Not only is it the oldest moated castle in the Netherlands, it is also built on a historically strategic location on the water. The Muiderslot is part of the Dutch Water Lines and the Defense Line of Amsterdam. These defense lines are so special that they are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Julian van Buul
Vincent Vriens


Julian van Buul
Vincent Vriens
Thomas Bouvy
Jolein Kop


Joost van Dijk


Arthur Moret
Jolein Kop
Anton Boutkam


Waterschap AGV
The Gardeners