When the sun sets, the dunes come to life.

Silence. Sand crackles. Reed waves softly to and fro, stops now and then and carries on in the swell of the wind. A shadow moves across a dune. Lightning cracks, short, quick and then disappears. Slowly the phantom in the dunes becomes visible. Shy but curious.

Sandlumen is a surrealistic video-installation in the desolate dune-landscape, full of alienation, with curious and contorted images. A world in the dunes in which the attendee will take part in an exploration. After a successful try-out year in 2010 Sandlumen was to be seen in full at the 2011 Oerol festival, with 14 beamers that projected onto the sand of the dunes.

“Those images with the clouds and the sea behind it.. very spacey. I want to stay here as long as possible. It kind of feels like sleepwalking, and I would know because I do that regularly.”
– Hieke (Oerol newspaper)

“The combination of nature and art, that’s exactly what I love. Fantastic! Sandlumen gives me the feeling of being in the sea whilst I’m at shore. I feel comfortable but also a little lost…”
– Karolina (Oerol newspaper)

“We’re very impressed. The images are enormously mysterious and intriguing. An impressive connection between nature and technology.”
– Tony (Oerol newspaper)




Julian van Buul
Vincent Vriens
Kris Kobes
Sander Kloppenburg
Krista van der Wilk


Joost van Dijk


Luka Kooijmans
Clémentine Vanlerberghe
Twan van Bragt


Dennis Buster
Julian van Buul
Vincent Vriens


Maarten Naessens
Nadya Siddharta
Tijn Arts
Floris Trotz
Stijn Fikke
Strandpaviljoen Kaap Hoorn
Strandpaviljoen Heartbreak Hotel
all volunteers