Maison Moët

Supplier of Dreamworlds

Beeldjutters brings stories to life. We work your theme into an interactive experience.

Beeldjutters immerse visitors into a story like no other. Projection mapping, light, sound, smoke, water, performers and decoration are mixed to open the imagination of the visitors. The message will be transformed into a poetic, spectacular and breathtaking experience.


From concept and design to production and technical implementation: Beeldjutters take care of the entire creative process. Together with our partners we produce and perform the projects at events, brand activations and product launches.


If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Maison Moët

Fountain projections for Moët & Chandon. Commissioned by Wink.


KWF campaign kick-off
Video projections on Soestdijk Palace for KWF foundation. Commissioned by I Care Productions.


HP Security Festival

Audiovisual experience for HP. Commissioned by EffectGroep.


Unicorn Experience

Experience for Impact Startup Fest.